Maite Delgado

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INTRODUCTION A meningeal haemangiopericytoma (HP) is a mesenchymal tumour that makes up less than 1% of all CNS tumours. HPs arise from pericytes and present high rates of recurrence and distant metastasis. The primary treatment option is surgery. When the disease is disseminated, chemotherapy produces a weak and short-lived response; therefore, new drugs(More)
INTRODUCTION Histiocytic sarcoma is a rare neoplasm with few cases reported in the literature of which some were diagnosed in animals. This neoplasm arises from abnormal reticuloendothelial system cell proliferation of histiocytes and has an aggressive behavior especially if located in the central nervous system. We present the first case of a patient with(More)
INTRODUCTION Pure alexia is a syndrome characterized by the inability to read aloud in the absence of agraphia or apnasia. CLINICAL CASES Three clinical cases showing this syndrome are presented. Case I had a left occipital lesion compatible with a subacute haematoma. He had problems with reading, visuo-spatial recognition, digital gnosia and memorizing(More)
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