Maite Carbajo

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The One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass has been developed from the Mini Gastric Bypass procedure as originally described by Robert Rutledge. The modification of the original procedure consists of making a latero-lateral gastro-jejunal anastomosis instead of a termino-lateral anastomosis, as is carried out as described in the original procedure. The rationale(More)
The nuclear stage at which oocytes are cryopreserved influences further development ability and cryopreservation affects ultrastructure of both cumulus cells and the oocyte. In this work, we analyze the effects of vitrification at different nuclear and cytoplasmic maturation stages on the oocyte ultrastructure and developmental ability. Culture in TCM199 +(More)
Endogenous oxytocin is released by the sow at the time of mating in response to stimulation by the boar, which may explain, at least partially, the importance of the relationship between the boar's courting activity and the subsequent reproductive performance of the sow. The aim of this study was to determine the effects on reproductive performance of(More)
The optimum culture system for in vitro matured and fertilised oocytes still remains to be clarified. Culture media (CM) for mammalian embryos are routinely prepared fresh for use and preserved under refrigeration during one or two weeks. The purposes of this work were (1) to compare the efficiency of a synthetic oviduct fluid (SOF) with two different(More)
Factors affecting stage I epidermoid cancer of the lung were studied in a series of 29 patients treated only by surgery and followed up for ten years. A set of 13 variables with a possible influence on prognosis were investigated. The application of the Cox Univariate Analysis to the different variables showed the grade of cell differentiation and the(More)