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Gathering data provenance at the operating system level is useful for capturing system-wide activity. However, many modern programs are complex and can perform numerous tasks concurrently. Capturing their prove-nance at this level, where processes are treated as single entities, may lead to the loss of useful intra-process detail. This can, in turn, produce(More)
Phonetic dictionaries are essential components of large-vocabulary natural language speaker-independent speech recognition systems. This paper presents a rule-based technique to generate Arabic phonetic dictionaries for a large vocabulary speech recognition system. The system used classic Arabic pronunciation rules, common pronunciation rules of Modern(More)
In this paper, a new architecture for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Algorithm based on Application Specific Instruction set Processors (ASIP) design technique is proposed. The basic configuration is developed in order to reduce the execution clock pulses for the main specific instructions. According to the improvement of the first register(More)
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