Maise Dantas da Silva

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The spatial distribution of orchid bees was analyzed in a mosaic of tropical rainforest and rubber tree groves in the Atlantic coast of Brazil (ARRF), comparing abundances and species compositions between replicas of the following landscape elements: small and large forest fragments, and rubber tree groves. Species compositions responded to all of the(More)
A communal dormitory of male orchid bees, Euglossa melanotricha Moure, was monitored over a one-year period, when they passed the night in the fronds of a Serpocaulon triseriale (Polypodiaceae) fern. The bees used the same fronds continuously, moving to neighboring fronds as senescence set in. As many as 49 males were observed together on any one night,(More)
This paper presents a study on two data structures that have been used to model several problems in computer science: and/or graphs and x-y graphs. An and/or graph is an acyclic digraph containing a source (a vertex that reaches all other vertices by directed paths), such that every vertex v has a label f (v) ∈ {and,or} and (weighted) edges represent(More)
In this paper we introduce a natural generalization of the well-known problems Cluster Editing and Bicluster Editing, whose parameterized versions have been intensively investigated in the recent literature. The generalized problem, called Mixed Cluster Editing or M-Cluster Editing, is formulated as follows. Let M be a family of graphs. Given a graph G and(More)