Maise Dantas da Silva

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The spatial distribution of orchid bees was analyzed in a mosaic of tropical rainforest and rubber tree groves in the Atlantic coast of Brazil (ARRF), comparing abundances and species compositions between replicas of the following landscape elements: small and large forest fragments, and rubber tree groves. Species compositions responded to all of the(More)
This paper presents a study on two data structures that have been used to model several problems in computer science: and/or graphs and x-y graphs. An and/or graph is an acyclic digraph containing a source (a vertex that reaches all other vertices by directed paths), such that every vertex v has a label f (v) ∈ {and,or} and (weighted) edges represent(More)
In this paper we introduce a natural generalization of the well-known problems Cluster Editing and Bicluster Editing, whose parameterized versions have been intensively investigated in the recent literature. The generalized problem, called Mixed Cluster Editing or M-Cluster Editing, is formulated as follows. Let M be a family of graphs. Given a graph G and(More)