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INTRODUCTION There is a reliable evidence that personnel working in a variety of settings beyond mainstream mental health services can make an important contribution to the prevention of mental health problems. AIM To assess the ability of personnel in different sectors including schools, school health unit and Primary Health Care (PHC) centers to(More)
Little is known about bone mass acquisition among stunted adolescents who did not achieve their growth in height. A national survey was made of bone mineral density among stunted adolescents and adults. A multistage stratified random sample of 2500 families (8476 adolescents and their parents) was selected from 6 governorates in different geographical areas(More)
The National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP) is based on survey, education and treatment, including coverage of all the registered cases with multi-drug therapy (MDT). The Government of India introduced MDT in all leprosy endemic districts through a vertical set-up, and through mobile leprosy treatment units in low endemic districts. Anti-leprosy work(More)
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