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After liver transplantation, migration of donor-derived hematopoietic cells to recipient can be detected in peripheral blood. This state is termed microchimerism. The aim of this study was to investigate prospectively the presence of allogeneic microchimerism, the occurrence of acute cellular rejection and the level of immunosuppression in transplanted(More)
Retrospective analysis of 982 renal transplants over 21 years (1981 to 2002) sought to evaluate the prevalence of tuberculosis (TB). This analysis included 74 patients: 30 with a past TB history, who had INH prophylaxis since the beginning of immunosuppression, and 44 who only became TB infected after receiving transplants. The diagnosis of TB was made by a(More)
Migration of donor-derived cells to recipient tissues after liver transplantation has been suggested as a mechanism to induce and maintain allograft tolerance, although important issues remain including acute rejection posttransplantation mortality, and complications related to immunosuppressive therapy. We therefore examined the relation of rejection to(More)
With the intention to verify the frequency of intestinal parasites, we have taken the inside digestive system material from three different parts of the intestinal tract while we were doing 135 complete necropsies. The stools were kept in MIF (Formol, iodine and merthiolate mixture) being studied in slides by the direct method. We have found intestinal(More)
The possible contribution of parasitism of the central vein of the adrenal gland (CVAG) to chronic Trypanosoma cruzi myocarditis was assayed by comparing the occurrence of nests of amastigotes in the left ventricular myocardium (LVM) and determining the number and extent of areas of focal leucocyte exudate (FLE) in Chagas disease patients with and without(More)
The control of anthracnose (Colletotrichum simmondsii) during the post-harvest stage in guava fruits (Psidium guajava L.) was performed by the application of phosphites [phosphite-K (40% P2O5 and 30% K2O) and phosphite-Ca (10.7% P2O5, 3.89% Ca, and 0.5% B)] including the Carbendazim as reference, calcium chloride (CaCl2), acetyl salicylic acid (ASA), hot(More)
A large number of studies in liver transplantation have demonstrated allogeneic microchimerism. The clinical and immunologic implications of this finding remain inconclusive, just as the influence of HLA mismatch and donor alloreactivity also are controversial. The present study analyzed the presence of allogeneic microchimerism in liver transplant(More)
The occurrence of nest of trypanosoma cruzi in the smooth muscle cells of the central veins of the adrenal glands and the inferior vena cava was studied in 21 chronic Chagas' patients, by serial sections. Nine patients presented parasites in the adrenal veins, with a total of 24 nests, and only one nest was found in the inferior vena cava. The area of(More)