Mairéad McCarthy

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The development of large coverage, rich unification(constraint-) based grammar resources is very time consuming, expensive and requires lots of linguistic expertise. In this paper we report initial results on a new methodology that attempts to partially automate the development of substantial parts of large coverage, rich unification(constraint-) based(More)
Lexical-Functional Grammar f-structures are abstract syntactic representations approximating basic predicate-argument structure. Treebanks annotated with f-structure information are required as training resources for stochastic versions of unification and constraint-based grammars and for the automatic extraction of such resources. In a number of papers(More)
Broad-coverage, deep unification grammar development is time-consuming and costly. This problem can be exacerbated in multilingual grammar development scenarios. Recently (Cahill et al., 2002) presented a treebank-based methodology to semi-automatically create broadcoverage, deep, unification grammar resources for English. In this paper we present a project(More)
Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG: Kaplan and Bresnan, 1982; Bresnan, 2001; Dalrymple, 2001) f-structures represent abstract syntactic information approximating to basic predicate-argument-modifier (dependency) structure or simple logical form (van Genabith and Crouch, 1996; Cahill et al., 2003a). A number of methods have been developed (van Genabith et al.,(More)
The relative weighting on traits within breeding goals are generally determined by bio-economic models or profit functions. While such methods have generally delivered profitability gains to producers, and are being expanded to consider non-market values, current approaches generally do not consider the numerous and diverse stakeholders that affect, or are(More)
It is shown that five apparently irreconcilable claims about the clausal syntax of Irish can be reconciled in a natural, base-generated LFG analysis that builds on the standard LFG theory of endocentricity and coheads/extended heads, the LFG projection architecture, and Toivonen’s (2001) work on nonprojecting categories and c-structure adjunction. The(More)
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