Mairéad Grogan

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This paper proposes to perform colour transfer by minimising a divergence (the L2 distance) between two colour distributions. We propose to model each dataset by a compact Gaussian mixture which is designed for the specific purpose of colour transfer between images which have different scene content. A non rigid transformation is estimated by minimising the(More)
Despite the recent advances in 3D reconstruction from images, the state of the art methods fail to accurately reconstruct objects with reflective materials. The underlying reason for this inaccuracy is that the detected image features belong to the reflected scene instead of the reconstructed object and do not lie on the surface of the object. In this(More)
Registration techniques have many applications such as 3D scans alignment, panoramic image mosaic creation or shape matching. This paper focuses on (2D) point cloud registration using novel iterative algorithms that are inspired by the Iterative Distribution Transfer (IDT) algorithm originally proposed to solve colour transfer [Pitié et al., 2005, Pitié et(More)
This paper proposes an algorithm for inferring a 3D mesh using the robust cost function proposed by Ruttle et al. [12]. Our contribution is in proposing a new algorithm for inference that is very suitable for parallel architecture. The cost function also provides a goodness of fit for each element of the mesh which is correlated to the distance to the(More)
We propose several cost functions for registration of shapes encoded with Euclidean and/or nonEuclidean information (unit vectors). Our framework is assessed for estimation of both rigid and non-rigid transformations between the target and model shapes corresponding to 2D contours and 3D surfaces. The experimental results obtained confirm that using the(More)
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