Maique Garcia

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The optimal exponential-quadratic control problem and exponential mean-square filtering problems are considered for stochastic Gaussian systems with polynomial first degree drift terms and intensity parameters multiplying diffusion terms in the state and observations equations. The closed-form optimal control and filtering algorithms are obtained using(More)
This paper proposes a full order nonlinear dynamic model for a DC-DC Multilevel Boost Converter (MBC). This model is based on the equivalent circuits that depend on the commutation states of the converter. A reduced order nonlinear model to approximate the dynamics of the MBC containing any number of levels is also obtained. In addition, an input-output(More)
Symmetry breaking is the process of eliminating redundant search by taking advantage of the symmetries in a problem. Symmetry breaking techniques can be combined with other search heuristics, such as branching constraints and variable orderings. The interaction between dynamic symmetry breaking and domain splitting is discussed, and preliminary results are(More)
Adaptive filtering techniques have a wide spectrum of utilization, such as in acoustic and electrical echo cancellation, interference cancellation, cancellation of harmonics, among others. Among the various strategies of adaptation, the Least Mean Square algorithm (LMS) is arguably the most popular, mainly because of its low computational cost, robustness(More)
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