Mainul Mizan

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This paper describes the corpus of sockpuppet cases we gathered from Wikipedia. A sockpuppet is an online user account created with a fake identity for the purpose of covering abusive behavior and/or subverting the editing regulation process. We used a semi-automated method for crawling and curating a dataset of real sockpuppet investigation cases. To the(More)
Email is the most common and comparatively the most efficient means of exchanging information in today's world. However, given the widespread use of emails in all sectors, they have been the target of spammers since the beginning. Filtering spam emails has now led to critical actions such as forensic activities based on mining spam email. The data mine for(More)
While many cloud storage and infrastructure systems exist today, none of them provide a mechanism for accountability of stored or user generated content. This lack of security support has been a major hurdle for auditing documents, claiming data possession, and proof of authorship. In this paper, we present a novel idea for secure accountability of timing(More)
Sockpuppet are the fake identity used by some malicious users. In Wikipedia, there are number of sockpuppets present. Two different online accounts, belongs to the same person are called sockpuppet. Sockpuppets has become significant issues, in which one can have fake identity for some specific purpose or malicious use. Sockpuppet detection are based on(More)
In the field of information extraction and retrieval, binary classification is the process of classifying given document/account on the basis of predefined classes. Sockpuppet detection is based on binary, in which given accounts are detected either sockpuppet or non-sockpuppet. Sockpuppets has become significant issues, in which one can have fake identity(More)
A 9.0-GHz dielectric resonator oscillator (DRO), generating a CW output power of 2.5 W at room temperature, has been designed and fabricated using a high-power GaAs MESFET and a dielectric resonator (DR) in a parallel feedback configuration. The oscillator exhibited a frequency stability of better than 130 ppm, without any temperature compensation, over the(More)
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