Mainak Sengupta

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Indians, representing about one-sixth of the world population, consist of several thousands of endogamous groups with strong potential for excess of recessive diseases. However, no database is available on Indian population with comprehensive information on the diseases common in the country. To address this issue, we present Indian Genetic Disease Database(More)
The genus Asparagus comprises three subgenera of cladode bearing plants: Protasparagus, Asparagus, and Myrsiphyllum. The interspecific delimitation of the subgenus Protasparagus is ill-defined till date. In the present study, interspecific phylogenetic relationships among nine taxa of Protasparagus based on ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer region(More)
Background OCA is a group of autosomal recessive disorders characterized by hypopigmentation and abnormalities related to ocular development. Mutations in genes regulating melanin-biosynthesis cause four classical types of OCA (OCA 1-4). The clinical spectrum of OCA often depends on the pigmentation threshold of a patient, highlighting the importance of(More)
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