Mainak Mazumdar

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Reader Aids: Purpose: To widen state of the art Special math needed for explanation: Probability Special math needed to use results: None Results useful to: Reliability analysts and theoreticians Summary and Conclusions: We consider the problem of acceptance testing for a series system of n different components, each having an unknown, constant failure(More)
This paper considers the problem of assessing the reliability of a software system that can be decomposed into a finite number of modules. It uses a Markovian model for the transfer of control between modules in order to develop the system reliability expression in terms of the module reliabilities. An operational test procedure is considered in which only(More)
A formulation for the commitment of electric power generators under a deregulated electricity market is proposed. The problem is expressed as a stochastic optimization problem in which the expected profits are maximized while meeting demand and standard operating constraints. First, we show that when an electric power producer has the option of trading(More)
Several oligopoly models have been proposed for representing strategic behavior in electricity markets, which include Bertrand, Cournot, and Supply Function Equilibrium (SFE). For the most part, these models are deterministic, with the exception of the SFE originally developed by Klemperer and Meyer. However, their model does not include supply side(More)
We report a measurement of the longitudinal double-spin asymmetry A(LL) and the differential cross section for inclusive midrapidity jet production in polarized proton collisions at square root of s = 200 GeV. The cross section data cover transverse momenta 5 < pT < 50 GeV/c and agree with next-to-leading order perturbative QCD evaluations. The A(LL) data(More)
Since mathematical models based on component reliabilities are frequently used for prediction of system reliability, it stands to reason that cost-effective inferences on the reliability of a system could be made on the basis of tests of its constituent components. Prior research in the area of system-based component testing has for the most part addressed(More)
B. I. Abelev, M. M. Aggarwal, Z. Ahammed, J. Amonett, B. D. Anderson, M. Anderson, D. Arkhipkin, G. S. Averichev, Y. Bai, J. Balewski, O. Barannikova, L. S. Barnby, J. Baudot, S. Bekele, V. V. Belaga, A. Bellingeri-Laurikainen, R. Bellwied, F. Benedosso, S. Bhardwaj, A. Bhasin, A. K. Bhati, H. Bichsel, J. Bielcik, J. Bielcikova, L. C. Bland, S-L. Blyth, B.(More)