Mainak Biswas

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We propose a fast and robust 2D-affine global motion estimation algorithm based on phase-correlation in the Fourier-Mellin domain and robust least square model fitting of sparse motion vector field and its application for digital image stabilization. Rotation-scale-translation (RST) approximation of affine parameters is obtained at the coarsest level of the(More)
A lot of research has been conducted on motion-compensated (MC) de-interlacing, but there are very few publications that discuss the performances of de-interlacing quantatively. The various methods are compared through their performance on known video sequences. Linear system analysis of interlaced video and de-interlacer are proposed in. It is well(More)
In this paper we investigate the application of texture synthesis and image inpainting techniques for video applications. Working in the non-parametric framework, we use 3D patches for matching and copying. This ensures temporal continuity to some extent which is not possible to obtain by working with individual frames. Since, in present application ,(More)
A DCT-based phase correlation motion estimation algorithm is proposed in this paper. By combining four real transforms , a new complex linear phase transform is obtained and is used in phase correlation motion estimation. The application in video compression is discussed in details. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm is robust and(More)
In this paper, a de-interlacing technique using motion compensated interpolation is proposed. In the proposed scheme motion estimation is first performed between the same parity field i.e., reference and current field from either odd or even fields. Compared to other motion adaptive and motion compensated interpolation technique this method results in a(More)
With the advent of high frame rate driving in Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), the need for high quality frame rate up-conversion has become very important. Various motion-compensated frame rate up-conversion (MCFRC) algorithms [1],[2] and [3] have been developed to interpolate moving objects along their motion trajectories. In addition to robust motion(More)