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We developed a rapid-scanning, light-scattering densitometer by which extensive measurements of band migration speeds and band profiles of chemotactic bands of Escherichia coli in motility buffer both with and without serine have been made. The purpose is to test the applicability of the phenomenological model proposed by Keller and Segel (J. Theor. Biol.(More)
The influence of flow on MR tomography images and signal intensities has been studied using experimental model tubes and an aqueous NiCl2 solution having the same relaxation time as human blood. We applied the inversion recovery (IR) and the spin-echo (SE) sequence on a .15T MR tomography system. The influence of RF pulse distance (tau) in the IR and SE(More)
Purpose. Liposomal formulations of Cyclosporin A (CyA)3 have been described in more than 30 publications to substitute Cremophor EL (CrEL), a triricinoleate ester of ethoxylated glycerol, as drug carrier. However, conflicting reports did not allow to draw consistent conclusions about the influence of liposomes on CyA pharmacokinetics (PK) and(More)
We report the observation of migrating chemotactic bands of Escherichia coli in a buffer solution. The temporal development of the bacterial density profile is observed by the scattered light intensity as the band migrates through a stationary laser beam. We have made a preliminary analysis of the observed band profile with help of the Keller-Segel theory.(More)
The relation between consumption of beer, alcohol, and bitter substances was investigated by comparing 20 each of male adults, low users ( < 720 ml/week) and high users ( > 3.61/week) of beer for sensitivity to and like/dislike for the bitterness of isohumulones. Intake of beer, alcohol, and bitter substances was measured with a food frequency questionnaire(More)
An extensive study has been made of the angular dependence of the intensity as well as the quasi-elastic intensity correlation function of light scattered from a dilute suspension of E. Coli K(12) bacteria in solution using the photon correlation technique. We have demonstrated that it is essential to consider the shape as well as the internal structure of(More)
Coherent laser beam addition offers the potential for extremely bright optical sources by combining the power from many individual lasers. Binary-optical elements surfacerelief structures etched into optical substrates by integrated-circuit techniques have been successfully employed in three optical beam addition systems. The techniques can produce(More)
The rhizosphere is a hot-spot for biogeochemical cycles, including production of greenhouse gases, as microbial activity is stimulated by rhizodeposits released by roots and mycorrhizae. The biogeochemical cycle of nitrogen (N) in soil is complex, consisting of many simultaneously occurring processes. In situ studies investigating the effects of roots and(More)
Quasi-elastic light scattering is a powerful tool for studying dynamic behavior of motile bacteria in liquid suspension. Previously we proposed an ellipsoidal structural model to account for the straight line motion of E. coli bacteria. We have in this article extended our structural model to include rotational motions superimposed on the translational(More)
Serial magnetic resonance images of a diffusion model and of brain specimens have been performed to study the diffusion behavior of a paramagnetic complex (Gd-DTPA). The model consisted of solidified agar gel with layered Gd-DTPA solution on top of the gel. Corresponding studies have been performed with the brain specimen to visualize the penetration of the(More)