Maiko Muro

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Quality analysis of polarization-modulation infrared reflection-absorption spectrometry (PM-IRRAS) for measurements of a Langmuir (L) monolayer film on water is presented. The spectral quality represented by the signal-to-noise ratio is evaluated by taking into account both the band intensity and the electrical signal throughput led out from the Fourier(More)
The conformation of the carboxylic group of fatty acids in a Langmuir (L) monolayer film on water is described in relation to the aggregation property of the hydrocarbon chain. Polarization-modulation infrared reflection absorption spectra (PM-IRRAS) of L films of heptadecanoic acid (C(17)), octadecanoic acid (C(18)), and nonadecanoic acid (C(19)) exhibit(More)
Molecular dynamic rearrangement in a Langmuir (L) film of zinc stearate in a cross section image has been analyzed by employing polarization modulation infrared reflection spectrometry (PM-IRRAS) and X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS). The number of coordination on a zinc cation is evaluated by XAFS, and the coordination structure of the carboxylic(More)
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