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The influence of bilateral practice on the modification of well-established lateral asymmetries of performance was investigated in overlearned motor skills related to soccer in 12- to 14-year-old adolescent players. The participants had extensive practice before entering the experiment and were trained 2 hours per day, five times per week, during a period(More)
Four cases of brain abscess in neonates are described, diagnosed by ultrasonography and CT. All abscesses were confirmed surgically. One patient was operated on 5 weeks after diagnosis because of initial parental refusal. The etiology in all cases was meningitis superimposed on an hypoxic-ischemic insult. Two cases had a single abscess while the other two(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks are composed by sensors distributed in an environment. They are responsible to monitor and transmit its physical characteristics. These networks require robust wireless communication protocols that are energy efficient. In this paper, we present a hierarchical protocol, Hardware-Adaptative Clustering Based Algorithm (HACBA), derived(More)
Status epilepticus causes significant morbidity and mortality. A case of generalized status epilepticus followed by massive pulmonary aspiration, acute respiratory failure and transient central diabetes insipidus is presented. Seizures were promptly controlled, but the patient required mechanical ventilation and correction of polyuria with desmopressin(More)
The case of a 15 year old white man, diabetic in cetoacidosis, with a orbit-rhino-cerebral phycomycosis is reported. The illness had an acute onset and the treatment was iniciated early with Amphotericin-B and unilateral osteotomy of maxillary and ethmoidal sinus. With this treatment the patient did well with residuals of ophtalmoplegia and amaurosis on the(More)
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