Maike Knoth

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Seven postmenopausal women are given estriol orally in a daily dose of 1 mg x 2 or 5 mg x 2 for 14 or 28 days and 2 women were sequentially treated with 5 mg x 2 of estriol orally for 21 days, with the addition of 0.2 g x 2 of progesterone rectally in the last 7 days. Three women served as controls. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that the former(More)
Chorioangiomas are benign placental tumours derived from fetal vessels, that occur with a frequency of approximately 1%. Often they are associated with hydramnios and intra-uterine fetal death. Based on a case of multiple chorioangiomas with a fatal course for the baby, aspects of the pathogenesis of hydramnios are discussed. Future development in(More)
Twelve patients with infertility and insufficent luteal function were studied during a control cycle, and during a cycle when 2.5 mg of bromocriptine was given twice daily. Serum levels of prolactin, progesterone, estradiol-17-beta, FSH and LH were determined during both cycles. Endometrial biopsies were taken from most patients during the late luteal(More)