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The ultrastructure of the anal transitional zone (ATZ) is described by means of scanning and transmission electron microscopy. The technique used permits histologic reexamination of the scanning electron microscopic biopsies. The surface of the ATZ shows, in addition to areas of normal colorectal mucosa and squamous epithelium, a characteristic picture:(More)
Seven postmenopausal women are given estriol orally in a daily dose of 1 mg x 2 or 5 mg x 2 for 14 or 28 days and 2 women were sequentially treated with 5 mg x 2 of estriol orally for 21 days, with the addition of 0.2 g x 2 of progesterone rectally in the last 7 days. Three women served as controls. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that the former(More)
Chorioangiomas are benign placental tumours derived from fetal vessels, that occur with a frequency of approximately 1%. Often they are associated with hydramnios and intra-uterine fetal death. Based on a case of multiple chorioangiomas with a fatal course for the baby, aspects of the pathogenesis of hydramnios are discussed. Future development in(More)