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The general idea of high-level replacement systems is to generalize the concept of graph transformation systems and graph grammars from graphs to all kinds of structures which are of interest in Computer Science and Mathematics. Within the algebraic approach of graph transformation this is possible by replacing graphs, graph morphisms, and pushouts (gluing)(More)
The concept of rule-based modiication developed in the area of algebraic graph transformations and high-level replacement systems has recently shown to be a powerful concept for vertical stucturing of Petri nets. This includes low-level and high-level Petri nets, especially algebraic high-level nets which can be considered as an integration of algebraic(More)
Extended Abstract Summary: The application of the general theory of high-level replacement systems has proven to be most rewarding in many diierent areas, especially in Petri nets EGPP98a]. In this paper the abstract extension of high-level replacement systems to reenement morphisms Pad98] is applied to place/transition nets. The combination of morphisms,(More)
Extended Abstract Topics: High-level net model, structuring techniques, application to workkow management, technology transfer The housing management system project WIS of the company LION is one of the most successful practical application of Petri net technology in the area of cooperating and distributed business process management (see also e.g. DO96,(More)
In this paper a formal technique for reening Coloured Petri Nets within the software development process is introduced. This technique | called rule-based reenement | is based on rules and transformations of Coloured Petri Nets preserving safety properties in the sense of MP92]. First steps towards this approach have been suggested for algebraic high-level(More)
We here present a new method for algebraic high-level nets with categorical structuring techniques. It allows deducing the structure of the composed net from the structure of its subnets with regard to the composition. This enables compositional working on subnets, as for instance veriication, analysis or simulation. Thus, results being valid for subnets(More)
As part of the Petri Net Baukastenn Pad99b] the Expert View presents mathematical concepts and results of Petri net theory in a structured and application oriented way. Consistent formal Petri net techniques and transformations between these are main issues. We introduce the notions of formal Petri net techniques, abstract Petri net frames, instantiations,(More)