Maike Blaya

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Recognizing stiff person syndrome is clinically important. It is uncommon, characterized by body stiffness associated with painful muscle spasms, and varies in location and severity. It is subdivided into stiff trunk versus stiff limb presentation, and as a progressive encephalomyelitis. Stiff person-type syndrome also reflects a paraneoplastic picture.(More)
Mucorales is an invasive and angiotrophic fungus, which may cause a life-threatening infection. Mucorale-related infections lead to significant vascular changes including thrombosis, arteritis and aneurysm formation. Those infections occur primarily in diabetics and immunocompromised individuals. The incidence of Mucorales in HIV/AIDS patients is low(More)
5559 Background: Despite aggressive therapy, over 70% of locally advanced squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck (SCCHN) fail primary treatment. Salvage therapy with surgery, chemotherapy or brachytherapy alone or in combination has a 30-40% response rate, but few long-term survivors. Re-irradiation with concurrent chemotherapy for SCCHN has recently(More)
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