Maik Stiebler

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In order to cope with the increasing number of publications on the separation of enantiomers by chromatography on a chiral stationary phase, the graphical molecular database CHIRBASE was created. In the present state, the database package covers information (structural, bibliographic, and chromatographic data) on liquid-, supercritical fluid-, and gas(More)
In this paper we describe an extension of a recently developed lattice Boltzmann method for solving the advection–diffusion equation. Our proposed approach allows to couple grids of different grid resolutions and includes a staggered timestepping scheme, interpolations in space and time and finally a scaling step ensuring the continuity of the desired(More)
The sixth-order torque ripple harmonic in induction motors under field-oriented control with voltage space phasor modulation is investigated by means of a simulation model. It is shown that the main reason for its appearance lies in the pulsewidth modulation. Measurements on a 220-kW asynchronous drive confirm the simulation results. A compensation strategy(More)
  • M. Stiebler
  • 2012
Permanent magnet synchronous generators feeding into an intermediate d.c. circuit via a diode rectifier operate at relatively low active factor. Compensators such as STATCOM and SSSC are proposed to improve generator output voltage and power. In view of wind energy system application their performance is also investigated in variable speed operation.(More)
Since the NVIDIA Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) SDK has been released, multiple publications have demonstrated that simulations in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) may substantially benefit from the utilization of General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU), which offer a high performance vs. price ratio compared to(More)
The UNO predicts that in 2030 over 60% of the world population will live in urban environments. This percentage will increase to up to 70% in the year 2050. With that said, more than ever it is essential that we protect the living conditions in inner-urban regions. In this regard the air quality is of particular importance. The microclimatic implications of(More)
The resistance method is a well-known procedure to determine winding temperatures of electrical machines. In normal use a machine is tested off-line, after reaching thermal equilibrium running at specified condition, immediately after shutting down at standstill. Further interest is devoted to on-line methods allowing the determination of temperatures(More)
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