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This is the report of a family in which a balanced translocation in the mother t(5;10)(p15;p13) led to an unbalanced chromosomal constitution in two children. It was identified by G-banding analysis as trisomy of the distal portion of the short arm of chromosome 10 (p13 leads to pter). Comparison with 15 previous reports of trisomy 10p confirms the(More)
We present theoretical foundations, and a practical implementation, that makes the method of Algebraic Dynamic Programming available for Multiple Context-Free Grammars. This allows to formulate optimization problems, where the search space can be described by such grammars, in a concise manner and solutions may be obtained efficiently. This improves on the(More)
In apneic premature infants treated with theophylline or caffeine the pharmacokinetics of the methylxanthines were investigated. Orally applied caffeine and theophylline were rapidly absorbed reaching peak plasma levels at 1-2 and 1-4 h resp. The plasma concentration of free theophylline was significantly higher (p less than 0.001) in prematures than in(More)
Many kinds of scientific data, including satellite imagery, climate simulations and sensor data, can be represented as coverages, which are essentially mappings from points in space and time to data values. Coverage data are typically encoded as multidimensional arrays in compact binary forms such as NetCDF, HDF and GeoTIFF, most of which require specialist(More)
New types of machine learning hardware in development and entering the market hold the promise of revolutionizing deep learning in a manner as profound as GPUs. However, existing software frameworks and training algorithms for deep learning have yet to evolve to fully leverage the capability of the new wave of silicon. We already see the limitations of(More)