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This paper presents a visual attention module driven by static and dynamic scene features controlling the gaze shifts of an active vision system. A preattentive processing unit computes several static features, like orientation and color, and a dynamic feature, motion. We distinguish two further processing modes of our active vision system: the hypothesis(More)
Color plays an important role in human visual attention. Therefore, high color contrasts are often used for warning or information purposes (e.g. traffic signs, warning signs in industrial areas). In this work the color contrasts are evaluated in a perceptually uniform color space to achieve a human-like color classification. The results of the color(More)
The IMA Research Group has developed an active vision system, called NAVIS, which is mainly based on neural models. It can roughly be separated into five functional components: camera control, form detection, attractivity calculation, attention selection, and object recognition. The form module initially consisted of a gray value channel for the computation(More)
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