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New or poorly known Microlepidoptera from the Mascarenes (Lepidoptera: Autostichidae, Bedellidae, Batrachedridae, Carposinidae, Eperminiidae, Gelechiidae, Tineidae, Tortricidae).
Von den maskarenenischen Inseln La Reunion und Mauritius werden Peragrarchis martirea (Carposinidae), Epermenia senaciae (Epermeniidae), Opogona transversata und Tineovertex flavilineata (Tineidae)
On some Nolidae (Lepidoptera) of the islands of the Western Indian Ocean
Hostplant records from Reunion and Madagascar are reported for two species and adults and genitalia of these species are illustrated as well as for Pardasena virgulana.
Praeacedes atomosella (Walker, 1863) and Phereoeca praecox Gozmány & Vári, 1973 - two case-bearing moths new to the Fauna of La Réunion (Lepidoptera: Tineidae).
Zwei Arten von Tineidae, Praeacedes atomosella (Walker, 1863) und Phereoeca praecox Gozmany & Vari, 1973 werden erstmals fur die Fauna von La Reunion erwahnt. Ihre Biologie wird erklart, die Larven,
Redescription of Thalassodes antithetica Herbulot, 1962, an endemic moth from Inner Seychelles (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Geometrinae).
The Seychelles archipelago is characterized by an exceptionally high level of endemism in certain taxa, including at least 275 endemic species of Lepidoptera, but the emerald moth specimens are lacking in extensive samples obtained by earlier collectors.