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For the first time the complete mitochondrial genome was sequenced for a member of Lacertidae. Lacerta viridis viridis was sequenced in order to compare the phylogenetic relationships of this family to other reptilian lineages. Using the long-polymerase chain reaction (long PCR) we characterized a mitochondrial genome, 17,156 bp long showing a typical(More)
Single crystals of HfAs(1.7)Se(0.2) are grown by chemical transport reaction and their chemical composition characterized in detail by various analytical methods. Chemical analyses and crystal structure investigations by single-crystal X-ray diffraction as well as powder diffraction with synchrotron radiation reveal a tetragonal PbFCl structure type with(More)
This study compares electrocommunication behaviour in groups of freely swimming weakly electric fishes of two species, Marcusenius altisambesi and Mormyrus rume. Animals emitted variable temporal sequences of stereotyped electric organ discharges (EOD) that served as communication signals. While the waveform of individual signals remained constant, the(More)
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