Maija Poikela

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Location information and traces (via tracking) can reveal vast amounts of information about a user: where she lives, works, and even which restaurants or friends she visits. Therefore, this information should be handled with sufficient concern and care. Willingness to disclose one’s location is influenced by various factors including who is asking the(More)
Predicting users' behaviour from attitudes and intentions provides inexpensive means for studying behaviour on a large scale. The underlying assumption for this is that intention correlates with behaviour. However, recent privacy literature questions the assumption that there is such a correlation. With this paper, we add to the debate by presenting a study(More)
Location-based applications offer various benefits to users, but at the cost of putting one’s privacy at risk. When deciding on whether to use these applications or not, the user has to perform a risk-benefit analysis based on the available knowledge on the apps’ information privacy practices. Users can take some measures to protect themselves from the(More)
The exchange of private information for services or other benefits is a commonplace practice today in the advent of mobile technology. In the case of mobile services, the exchanged commodity is increasingly often spatial location of the user. To decide whether this transaction is beneficial, the user needs to evaluate the exchange value of this commodity.(More)
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