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BACKGROUND Experience of workplace downsizing (ie reduction in personnel) is common and may constitute a threat to public health in working populations. This study aimed to determine whether downsizing was associated with increased mortality among those remaining in the downsized workplaces. METHODS Prospective population registration data containing(More)
BACKGROUND Only few studies have integrated breast cancer screening, lifestyle, and quality of life. Potential bias due to selective non-response may disrupt associations being investigated. We describe the design of a Finnish population-based study on associations between breast cancer screening and various indicators for lifestyle and quality of life, and(More)
Screening for colorectal cancer (CRC) has been shown to decrease colorectal cancer mortality in randomized-controlled trials. However, screening may have an adverse impact on an individual's lifestyle. We describe here the design of a repeated survey study on lifestyle and assess response in the survey target population by randomization to CRC screening and(More)
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