Maiara F. Bollauf

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Construction C (also known as Forney's multi-level code formula) forms a Euclidean code for the additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channel from L binary code components. If the component codes are linear, then the minimum distance is the same for all the points, although the kissing number may vary. In fact, while in the single level (L = 1) case it(More)
We consider the closest lattice point problem in a distributed network setting and study the communication cost and the error probability for computing an approximate nearest lattice point, using the nearest-plane algorithm, due to Babai. Two distinct communication models, centralized and interactive, are considered. The importance of proper basis selection(More)
We consider the problem of distributed computation of the nearest lattice point for a two-dimensional lattice. An interactive model of communication is considered. We address the problem of reconfiguring a specific rectangular partition, a nearest plane, or Babai, partition, into the Voronoi partition. Expressions are derived for the error probability as a(More)
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