Mai Yin Tsoi

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The use of inquiry-based laboratory in college science classes is on the rise. This study investigated how five nonmajor biology students learned from an inquiry-based laboratory experience. Using interpretive data analysis, the five students’ conceptual ecologies, learning beliefs, and science epistemologies were explored. Findings indicated that students(More)
—— Mobile devices, such as the iPhone, are potentially powerful learning tools, with their touch screen capabilities and highly interactive and engaging applications available for download. The dependence of today’’s student on mobile devices also contributes to the possibility of increased student engagement and time-on-task –– both factors in student(More)
Literature has estimated that about 33% of students who start a computer science degree program eventually drop or fail their first programming course. With the decreasing number of college graduates entering the computing industry, the workforce is missing out on the wealth and breadth of innate student ability and skills that are switching to non-STEM(More)
This paper describes the development of a mobile application (app) created as a learning tool to help organic chemistry students increase their conceptual understanding of a given topic. The learning needs of organic chemistry students studying the unit “functional groups” were first identified, appropriate learning theories were chosen, and then a working(More)
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