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There is no concept of rare disease (RD) but Nambyo (intractable disease) since 1972. In 1995 the definition of Nambyo included the concept of rareness and the frequency for a Nambyo is less than 50000 in Japanese population. Currently Nambyo are selected for special research support, and special treatment of medical expenses. The budget for research is 10(More)
Fundamental and clinical studies of S6472 (sustained release preparation of cefaclor (CCL] were conducted in the surgical field and it was confirmed that the preparation is a useful drug. The following is the summary of the results from the fundamental and clinical studies: In vitro antibacterial activity. CCL showed MICs of 0.78 to 6.25 micrograms/ml(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the influences of rehydration and food consumption on salivary flow, pH, and buffering capacity during bicycle ergometer exercise in participants. METHODS Ten healthy volunteers exercised on a bicycle ergometer at 80% of their maximal heart rate. These sessions lasted for two periods of 20 min separated(More)
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