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p94/calpain 3 is a skeletal muscle-specific Ca(2+)-regulated cysteine protease (calpain), and genetic loss of p94 protease activity causes muscular dystrophy (calpainopathy). In addition, a small in-frame deletion in the N2A region of connectin/titin that impairs p94-connectin interaction causes a severe muscular dystrophy (mdm) in mice. Since p94 via its(More)
p94/calpain 3, a skeletal muscle-specific member of calpain protease family, is characterized by apparent Ca(2+)-independence during exhaustive autolysis and concomitant proteolysis of non-self substrates. The purpose of our study was to comprehensively profile the structural basis of p94 enabling activation in the cytosol without an extra Ca(2+).(More)
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