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One of the earliest events in the process of leaf senescence is dismantling of chloroplasts. Mesophyll cell chloroplasts from rosette leaves were studied in Arabidopsis thaliana undergoing natural senescence. The number of chloroplasts decreased by only 17% in fully yellow leaves, and chloroplasts were found to undergo progressive photosynthetic and(More)
SGF-2 binds to promoter elements governing posterior silk gland-specific expression of the fibroin gene in Bombyx mori. We purified SGF-2 and showed that SGF-2 contains at least four gene products: the silkworm orthologues of LIM homeodomain protein Awh, LIM domain-binding protein (Ldb), a sequence-specific single-stranded DNA-binding protein (Lcaf), and(More)
Sericins are glue proteins produced specifically in the middle silk gland (MSG) of the silkworm Bombyx mori, while the silk fiber protein, fibroin, is produced in the posterior silk gland (PSG). These silk proteins are expected to be useful biomaterials in medical technology as well as biotechnology. In this study, we analyzed promoter elements of the(More)
The sericin-1 gene encoding a glue protein is expressed in the middle silk gland (MSG) of the silkworm, Bombyx mori. A member of the class III POU domain transcription factors, POU-M1, was cloned as the factor bound to the SC site of the sericin-1 promoter and has been proposed to be a positive transcription factor. In this study, we analyzed the expression(More)
Hox genes are well-known master regulators in developmental morphogenesis along the anteroposterior axis of animals. However, the molecular mechanisms by which Hox proteins regulate their target genes and determine cell fates are not fully understood. The silk gland of Bombyx mori is a tubular tissue divided into several subparts along the anteroposterior(More)
Fibroin modulator-binding protein 1 (FMBP-1) is a silkworm transcription factor that has a unique DNA-binding domain called the one score and three amino acid peptide repeat (STPR). Here we used fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) to analyze the diffusion properties of an enhanced green fluorescent protein-tagged FMBP-1 protein (EGFP-FMBP-1)(More)
In the silkworm Bombyx mori, three fibroin genes, fibroin-heavy-chain (fibH), fibroin-light-chain (fibL) and fibrohexamerin (fhx), are coexpressed only in the posterior silk gland (PSG) cells, while the sericin genes encoding silk glue proteins are expressed in the middle silk gland (MSG) cells. Silk gland factor-2 (SGF-2) is a PSG-specific activator(More)
Hoxgenes play a pivotal role in the determination of anteroposterior axis specificity during bilaterian animal development. They do so by acting as a master control and regulating the expression of genes important for development. Recently, however, we showed that Hoxgenes can also function in terminally differentiated tissue of the lepidopteranBombyx mori(More)
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