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This article provides a tutorial of linear precoding for a frequency- flat, single-user MIMO wireless system, examining both theoretical foundations and practical issues. The article first discusses principles for CSIT (channel-side information at the transmitter) acquisition and develops a dynamic CSIT model, which spans perfectly to statistical CSIT,(More)
In recent years, the development of intelligent, adaptive wireless devices called cognitive radios, together with the introduction of secondary spectrum licensing, has led to a new paradigm in communications: cognitive networks. Cognitive networks are wireless networks that consist of several types of users: often a primary user (the primary license-holder(More)
In this paper, we consider a cognitive network in which a single primary transmitter communicates with primary receivers within an area of radius R<sub>O</sub>, called the primary exclusive region (PER). Inside this region, no cognitive users may transmit. Outside the PER, provided that the cognitive transmitters are at a minimal distance isin<sub>p</sub>(More)
In the paper, the mechatronic design of a new type of Powerball&#x00AE;, named ControlledBioBall, carried out to overcome the present drawbacks, is be presented and discussed with special focus on the software developed in the editor LabVIEW&#x00AE;. Devices for wrist rehabilitation must be able to make movements of the wrist quirky and complex.(More)
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