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In Japan, increasing attention has been given to using humanoid robots to solve problems concerning personnel shortage and to reduce duty workload in clinical and nursing situations. Currently, the development of robots is not yet at the level where they can function like human medical and health care professionals. For this reason, it is imperative to(More)
At the “A” psychiatric hospital, previously nurses used paper-based nursing staffs' daily records. We aimed to manage the higher quality nursing and introduced “electronic management system for nursing staffs' daily records system (ENSDR)” interlocked with “Psychoms ®” into this hospital. Some good effects(More)
Clinical pathways used today are paper-based, although many different kinds of clinical pathway are used in clinical practice. However, in the development of software for clinical pathway, it is difficult to achieve cooperation between medical experts, who are not used to expressing their ideas and work in words, and system-developers whose medical(More)
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