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We develop a conceptually clear, intuitive, and feasible decision procedure for testing satisfiability in the full multiagent epistemic logic CMAEL(CD) with operators for common and distributed knowledge for all coalitions of agents mentioned in the language. To that end, we introduce Hintikka structures for CMAEL(CD) and prove that satisfiability in such(More)
Determinisation is an important concept in the theory of finite tree automata. However the complexity of the textbook procedure for determinisation is such that it is not viewed as a being a practical procedure for manipulating tree automata, even fairly small ones. The computational problems are exacerbated when an automaton has to be both determinised and(More)
Temporal epistemic logics are known, from results of Halpern and Vardi, to have a wide range of complexities of the satisfiability problem: from PSPACE, through non-elementary, to highly undecidable. These complexities depend on the choice of some key parameters specifying, inter alia, possible interactions between time and knowledge, such as synchrony and(More)
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