Mahyudin Abdul Rachman

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The sipM gene of Bacillus megaterium encoding a type I signal peptidase (SPase) was isolated and structurally characterized. RNA analysis revealed a transcript size in accordance with a bicistronic operon comprising sipM and an adjacent open reading frame. Inactivation of sipM by targeted gene disruption could not be achieved, indicating its essential role(More)
Continuous hydrogen gas evolution by self-flocculated cells of Enterobacter aerogenes, a natural isolate HU-101 and its mutant AY-2, was performed in a packed-bed reactor under glucose-limiting conditions in a minimal medium. The flocs that formed during the continuous culture were retained even when the dilution rate was increased to 0.9 h−1. The H2(More)
This review describes the biomass, which categorize as liquid, from industry or farming. Its advantages make biomass and biological process more environment friendly and less energy intensive as compared to thermo-chemical and electrochemical processes. Unfortunately, research and application of biomass are yet in their infancy and suffer from large scale(More)
(Received: October 13, 2011; Accepted: November 25, 2011) Abstract: The performance of the continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) for the in-situ production of hydrogen gas (H ) integrated with a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) was investigated. Facultative 2 anaerobe fermentation of Enterobacter aerogenes ADH-43 was conducted into CSTR 50(More)
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