Mahyar Taghizadeh Nouei

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Occasionally, surgeons do need various types of information to be available rapidly, efficiently and safely during surgical procedures. Meanwhile, they need to free up hands throughout the surgery to necessarily access the mouse to control any application in the sterility mode. In addition, they are required to record audio as well as video files, and enter(More)
Cardiac events could be taken into account as the leading causes of death throughout the globe. Such events also trigger an undesirable increase in what treatment procedures cost. Despite the giant leaps in technological development in heart surgery, coronary surgery still carries the high risk of the mortality. Besides, there is still a long way ahead to(More)
The aim of this study is to develop a system to recognize most important risk factors which can help to predict outcomes such as mortality or morbidity before performing the specific surgery by the integration a standard assessment checklist based on theoretical considerations and methodological aspects to evaluate the study quality of each publication,(More)
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