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  • M. Arif, A. Fida
  • 2009
Quality of features determines the maximum achievable accuracy by any arbitrary classifier in pattern classification problem. In this paper, we have proposed an index that can assess the quality of features in discrimination of patterns in different classes. This index is in-sensitive to the complexity of boundary separating different classes if there is no(More)
This paper presents a novel map-reduce runtime system that is designed for scalability and for composition with other parallel software. We use a modified programming interface that expresses reduction operations over data containers as opposed to key-value pairs. This design choice admits higher efficiency as the programmer can select appropriate data(More)
We make a case for studying the impact of intra-node par-allelism on the performance of data analytics. We identify four performance optimizations that are enabled by an increasing number of processing cores on a chip. We discuss the performance impact of these opimizations on two analyt-ics operators and we identify how these optimizations affect each(More)
Dans cet article un opérateur d'agrégation nommé AWFO (Aggregation Weight-Functional Operators) est employé pour la fusion de données. Le domaine d'application choisi pour illustrer l'intérêt de l'approche est celui de l'identification des signatures manuscrites hors ligne. Les caractéristiques statistiques, géométriques, et fractales de chaque signature(More)
One of the main targets of data analytics is unstructured data, which primarily involves textual data. High-performance processing of textual data is non-trivial. We present the HPTA library for high-performance text analytics. The library helps programmers to map textual data to a dense numeric representation, which can be handled more efficiently. HPTA(More)
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