Mahua Bhattacharya

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We present a non-linear 2-D/2-D affine registration technique for MR and CT modality images of section of human brain. Automatic registration is achieved by maximization of a similarity metric, which is the correlation function of two images. The proposed method has been implemented by choosing a realistic, practical transformation and optimization(More)
In present study attempt has been taken to determine the degree of malignancy of brain tumors using artificial intelligence. The suspicious regions in brain as suggested by the radiologists have been segmented using fuzzy c-means clustering technique. Fourier descriptors are utilized for precise extraction of boundary features of the tumor region. As(More)
Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death for women. Small clusters of micro calcifications appearing as collection of white spots on mammograms show an early warning of breast cancer. In present paper a novel approach of segmentation implemented on X-ray mammograms for more accurate detection of microcalcification clusters has been introduced.(More)
Recent history has witnessed the rapid development in information technologies that has given an extended and easy access to digital information. Along with several developments it leads to the problem of illegal copying and redistribution of digital media. As a result the integrity and confidentiality of the digital information has come under immense(More)
Medical image fusion has been used to derive the useful information from multi modal medical images. The proposed methodology introduces evolutionary approaches for robust and automatic extraction of information from different modality images. This evolutionary fusion strategy implements multiresolution decomposition of the input images using wavelet(More)
Speech recognition system is the method of implementing protocols and codes to enable a machine to take sound waves in the form of input, interpret it and formulate the desired output. In this paper, a method has been proposed to build up a speech recognition system which could interpret in any language (tested with Hindi and Bengali language) and implement(More)
In this paper we present an efficient approach for clustering analysis to detect embedded and nested adjacent clusters using concept of density based notion of clusters and neighborhood difference. Basically our proposed algorithm is improved version basic DBSCAN algorithm, proposed to address the clustering problem with the use global density parameters in(More)
The problem of feature selection consists of finding a significant feature subset of input training as well as test patterns that enable to describe all information required to classify a particular pattern. In present paper we focus in this particular problem which plays a key role in machine learning problems. In fact, before building a model for feature(More)
In present work we have introduced nonlinear affine registration method to incorporate the anatomic body deformation. The present technique has been developed for registration of section of human brain using CT and MR modalities. Present study related to image registration of different modality imaging is based on 2-D/2-D affine registration technique.(More)