Mahshid Mohammadi

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Experimental studies employing advanced measurement techniques have played an important role in the advancement of two-phase microfluidic systems. In particular, flow visualization is very helpful in understanding the physics of two-phase phenomenon in microdevices. The objective of this article is to provide a brief but inclusive review of the available(More)
This paper highlights the influence of contact line (pinning) forces on the mobility of dry bubbles in microchannels. Bubbles moving at velocities less than the dewetting velocity of liquid on the surface are essentially dry, meaning that there is no thin liquid film around the bubbles. For these "dry" bubbles, contact line forces and a possible capillary(More)
Obstruction of fluid flow by stationary bubbles in a microchannel hemodialyzer decreases filtration performance and increases damage to blood cells through flow maldistribution. A polyethylene oxide (PEO)-polybutadiene (PB)-polyethylene oxide surface modification, previously shown to reduce protein fouling and water/air contact angle in polycarbonate(More)
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