Mahshid Mohammadi-bassir

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This study was undertaken to investigate whether using a protein cross-linker, 1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropyl) carbodiimide (EDC), improves bonding stability of fiber posts to root dentin using three resin cements. Sixty human maxillary central incisor roots were randomly divided into six groups after endodontic treatment, according to the cements used(More)
Objective: The aim of this study was to compare the microtensile bond strengths (μ TBS) of three core materials with one lithium disilicate reinforced ceramic using two resin cements. Methods: Three core materials (Nulite F® (Biodental Technologies), Filtek Z250® (3M-ESPE), Prettau-Anterior® (Zirkonzhan, Germany)) were prepared as blocks (10×10×4 mm3)(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Limited information is available for the best polishing systems and methods to obtain minimally abrasive monolithic zirconia surfaces after contouring and occlusal adjustment. PURPOSE The purpose of this in vitro study was to evaluate the effect of grinding and polishing procedures on the flexural strength, quality and quantity of(More)
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