Mahshid Abdollahi

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PURPOSE To determine the effect of topical aminocaproic acid on the incidence of rebleeding after traumatic hyphema. PATIENTS AND METHODS This randomized double blind clinical trial investigated 132 consecutive cases of traumatic hyphema referred to the emergency room of Farabi Eye Hospital in 1998-1999. The patients were randomly divided into three(More)
Background: The rate of caesarean section has risen from less than 7% in 1970s to more than 25% in 2003. Objective: Due to the side effects of caesarean operation as well as the vital cares needed in this procedure, the raise in the ratio has expressed the technique as a matter of global concern. Methods: A total of 93 patients’ undergone caesarean sections(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Candida species are the most common organisms involved in superficial fungal infections, worldwide. Although econazole is among the most frequently used topical formulations for the treatment of candidiasis, no information is available regarding the susceptibility profiles of Candida species in Iran. MATERIALS AND METHODS In vitro(More)
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