Mahsheed Sabet

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BACKGROUND In modern radiotherapy, it is crucial to monitor the performance of all linac components including gantry, collimation system and electronic portal imaging device (EPID) during arc deliveries. In this study, a simple EPID-based measurement method has been introduced in conjunction with an algorithm to investigate the stability of these systems(More)
Co-55 (T 1/2 =17.53 h) was produced by 150 μA irradiation of a natural nickel target by 15 MeV protons and was separated from the irradiated target material by two ion exchange chromatography steps and was used for the preparation of [ 55 Co]diethylenetriaminepentacetate ([ 55 Co]DTPA). Optimization studies were performed using Co-57 due to its longer(More)
Well type chambers are used for radioactive source calibrations in brachytherapy, but do not provide radiation shielding. Routine constancy checks on a well chamber are required between periodic secondary standard laboratory calibrations to ensure consistent device performance, and ultimately to ensure accurate patient dose delivery. In this work, a method(More)
Using an amorphous silicon (a-Si) EPID for transit dosimetry requires detailed characterization of its dosimetric response in a variety of conditions. In this study, a measurement-based model was developed to calibrate an a-Si EPID response to dose for transit dosimetry by comparison with a reference ionization chamber. The ionization chamber reference(More)
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