Mahsa Alishahi

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Maintaining sound reputation requires robust control and investigation. In this paper, we analyze a reputation mechanism that objectively maintains accurate reputation evaluation of selfish agent-based web services. In the proposed framework, web services are ranked using their reputation as result of provided feedback reflecting consumers’ satisfaction.(More)
Because web services are loosely-coupled business applications, they are called to cooperate in distributed computing for the sake of efficiency. In this paper we propose a model formalizing web services efficiency considering different related parameters and a game-theoretical framework analyzing the web services strategies allowing them to maximize this(More)
We address the collusion problem in a reputation multi-agent system where agents represent service providers, consumers, and a controller. A game structure is proposed where players are supposed rational and seek for maximum payoffs. The main issue addressed in this paper is how to maintain a collusion-resistant reputation mechanism. We analyze the behavior(More)
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