Mahrokh Babaei

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In this study, Cisplatin was loaded into nanoniosom and pegylated nanoniosom employing reverse phase evaporation method. Span 60, cholesterol and Cisplatin were combined together at certain concentrations in this method. This study reports the efficacy of nanoniosome Cisplatin and pegylated nanoniosome Cisplatin on brain cancer (A172) cell line. All of the(More)
This article reports on the synthesis and full characterization of innovative silica-based nanoparticle composed of fumed silica as a core decorated with polyethylenimine (PEI) with different molecular weights (25, 10 and 1.8 kDa). Wide range of analytical, spectroscopic, and microscopic methods (TEM, DLS, ζ potential, elemental analysis (EA), TNBS and(More)
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