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Malaria remains endemic in tropical areas, especially in Africa. For the evaluation of new tools and to further our understanding of host-parasite interactions, knowing the environmental risk of transmission--even at a very local scale--is essential. The aim of this study was to assess how malaria transmission is influenced and can be predicted by local(More)
In the context of multivariate multilevel data analysis, this paper focuses on the multivariate linear mixed-effects model, including all the correlations between the random effects when the dimensional residual terms are assumed uncorrelated. Using the EM algorithm, we suggest more general expressions of the model's parameters estimators. These estimators(More)
Starting from the D!-Riccati Diierence equation satissed by the Stieltjes function of a linear functional, we work out an algorithm which enables us to write the general fourth-order diierence equation satissed by the associated of any integer order of orthogonal polynomials of the-Laguerre-Hahn class. Moreover, in classical situations (Meixner, Charlier,(More)
Using the theory of self-adjoint extensions, we study the relativistic spectral properties of the Landau operator with δ and δ ′ interactions on a cylinder of radius R for a charged spin particle system, formally given by the Hamiltonian H G B = (p − A) 2 1 1 + σ.B + GV (r), V (r) = δ(R − r) or V (r) = δ ′ (R − r) , acting in L 2 (IR 2) l C 2. G a scalar 2(More)
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