Mahoko Hotta

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The somatosensory-evoked blink response (SBR) is a newly identified blink reflex elicited by electrical stimulation of peripheral nerves. The present study was performed to investigate the physiological mechanism underlying the SBR elicited by median nerve stimulation in normal subjects. The peripheral afferents responsible for the SBR included(More)
We report two cases of temporary taste disturbance after inferior alveolar nerve block. The first patient to present with this rare complication of anesthesia for dental surgery was a 41-year-old woman. She lost the sense of taste on the left side of her tongue after local anesthesia for treatment of a left mandibular molar and first visited our outpatient(More)
  • M Hotta
  • The Kurume medical journal
  • 1996
The present study was aimed at elucidating the role of inflammatory cells in the pathogenesis of cryptogenic organizing pneumonia, and the mode of action of erythromycin in inhibiting the progression of the disease. Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid was obtained from 16 patients with cryptogenic organizing pneumonia and 4 control subjects. Neutrophil chemotactic(More)
Thoracoscopic lung biopsy is becoming the procedure of first choice for the diagnosis of many localized and diffuse lung diseases. We have performed thoracoscopic lung biopsy for 17 patients with diffuse infiltrative lung disease, in Kurume University Hospital. There were 13 females and 4 males with a mean age of 48 years (range: 19-71 years). Thoracoscopic(More)
1. Cefmetazole was administered to mature and immature neonates for the purpose of treatment and prophylaxis of infections, and the blood level was examined. The mean blood level (moni-trol I standard) of cefmetazole after a single administration, 20 mg/kg intravenously, were 63.9 mcg/ml in 0 to 3 days old neonates and 57.4 mcg/ml in 4 to 7 days old(More)
A pharmacokinetic study was conducted in neonates (mature, premature) to which amikacin (AMK) was administered through intravenous drip infusion. The results of the study are summarized below. 1. Changes in blood concentrations of AMK obtained after intravenous drip infusion over a period of 30 or 60 minutes were comparable to those after intramuscular(More)
(1) Cefadroxil powder for syrup was administered in 24 cases of respiratory tract infection and urinary tract infection, and the efficacy was obtained in 21 cases, effective ratio being 87.5%. (2) Clinical effect could be obtained satisfactorily at a daily dose of 10-15 mg/kg divided into 3 times after each meal. (3) As to the side effect, GOT and GPT rose(More)
A new cephalosporin cefsulodin (CFS) was studied basically and clinically and the following results were obtained. 1. The serum levels of 25 mg/kg of CFS administered intravenously were 39.5 mcg/ml after 30 minutes, 22.6 mcg/ml after 1 hour, 11.6 mcg/ml after 2 hours, 6.0 mcg/ml after 4 hours and 2.1 mcg/ml after 6 hours. The half life from serum was 84(More)