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The present experiments studied the effect of surgical sympathectomy on mechanical paw withdrawal thresholds and formalin-induced pain behaviors (FIPB) and tested if the effect of sympathectomy on FIPB is dependent on changes in peripheral blood flow. Compared to sham-operated animals, surgical sympathectomy decreased second phase FIPB but did not affect(More)
BACKGROUND The neurokinin-1 (NK-1) receptor and its ligand, substance P, are thought to play important roles in nociception and hyperalgesia. This study evaluated the role of the NK-1 receptor in processing noxious stimuli in normal and inflammatory states. METHODS Behavioral responses to heat and mechanical and chemical stimuli were studied in NK-1(More)
Recently, inertial sensors have been used to measure human movements for the purpose of rehabilitation. In evaluation of motor function for rehabilitation, reference data measured from healthy subjects with inertial sensors is needed. In addition, since lower limbs perform 3-dimensional movements during gait, it is needed to analyze 3-dimensional gait(More)
Effects of a threonine-, tryptophan-, aspartic acid-, lysine-, leucine-, or methionine-free diet fed to rats on the metabolism of nicotinamide were investigated. The body weights of rats and food intakes were greatly decreased by feeding of the diet excluding any of the above essential amino acids compared to the control group, however, not by feeding of an(More)
Wheelchairs are the most widely used assistive device to aid activities of daily living (ADL) for disabled people. However, manual pushing of a wheelchair frequently leads to overuse of upper extremities causing shoulder pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. The purpose of this study was to test a novel method of estimating temporal parameters of wheelchair(More)
Lower limb motor function is important for activities of daily living. Since gait movements of elderly subjects differ from those of young people, gait measurement is considered to be effective for evaluating lower limb motor function. In this paper, focusing on foot movements during gait, a method of evaluating 3-dimentional movements of the foot during(More)
In these days, FES is used to control ankle dorsiflexion of hemiplegic gait. Since not only dorsiflexion but also 3-dimensional foot contact isimportant for gait stability in hemiplegic gait, evaluation and control system of 3-dimensional foot contact with FES is needed to correct foot movement. In this study, the timing of initial contact and the timing(More)
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