Maho Shibata

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PURPOSE This paper compares the outcomes of the Ex-PRESS(®) Glaucoma Filtration Device (Alcon, Fort Worth, TX) implant observed in Japanese patients for 1 year with those of patients undergoing trabeculectomy. PATIENTS AND METHODS The subjects comprised ten eyes of ten cases with open-angle glaucoma for which filtration surgery using Ex-PRESS (P-50) was(More)
In Xenopus and zebrafish embryos, elongation of the anterior-posterior body axis depends on convergent extension, a process that involves polarized cell movements and is regulated by non-canonical Wnt signaling. The mechanisms that control axis elongation of the mouse embryo are much less well understood. Here, we characterize the ENU-induced mouse mutation(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the hypoxia-induced death of rat retinal neurons and to determine whether P2X(7) activation is involved in this type of neuronal death. METHODS Cultured retinal neurons from fetal rats were used. The effects and time course of various degrees of hypoxia (1%-5% O(2)) in the death of retinal neurons, were examined. The effects of(More)
The intrinsic ability to exhibit self-organizing morphogenetic properties in ex vivo culture may represent a general property of tissue stem cells. Here we show that single luminal stem/progenitor cells can generate prostate organoids in a three-dimensional culture system in the absence of stroma. Organoids generated from CARNs (castration-resistant(More)
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