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A multi-objective genetic algorithm, NSGA-II, is applied to calibrate a distributed hydrological model (WetSpa) for prediction of river discharges. The goals of this study include (i) analysis of the applicability of multi-objective approach for WetSpa calibration instead of the traditional approach, i.e. the Parameter ESTimator software (PEST), and (ii)(More)
One common approach in recognition of a Persian text is to segment the text into its component words and then words to single characters. Due to specific characteristics of Persian words, this approach is non-trivial and literature reports relatively low success rate for Persian character segmentation. As an alternative, we segment a Persian text only to(More)
Skew detection and correction of a scanned document is a preprocessing step for optical character recognition systems. We present a novel approach in skew detection and correction of a typed document by minimizing the area of the axis-parallel bounding box. Advantage of our approach over existing methods is that our algorithm is script and content(More)
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